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As an athlete, time is your best resource, following proven methods to save you time...

Most amateur athletes read the sports magazines, download free stuff from the internet and follow their mates advice when it comes to programming, nutrition and the latest in training techniques. The problem with following the crowd is you end up with the rest of the pack.

As an athlete, time is your best resource, following proven methods to save you time………time on the bike, time in the pool, time running, time in the gym and of course reducing time in an event. Plus the time it takes to filter through the myths from the facts as you go about your busy life. Having more time to train, rest and enjoy life by going straight to a professional resource of tools, personalised plans and the latest in coaching for multisports.

This program is for

  • Anyone looking to go from good to great
  • Athletes who thrive on accountability
  • Athletes who wants to be more competitive
  • Athletes who wants to get the best coaching from expert coaches
  • Or just want to get proven results

From Bunbury to Bendigo to Brisbane join this online coaching program and expect too

  • Be linked to a National group of people just like you
  • Receive a personalised, periodised training program through the Training Peaks App
  • Save time in your training and in your next event
  • Get up to date training and coaching techniques

Online Coaching Available:

  • Triathlon
  • Trail Running
  • Road Running
  • Swimming
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cycling
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Adventure Racing

You receive:

  • Your own experienced multi sports coach
  • Program individualised for your event on Training Peaks software
  • Access to affiliations, discounts & potential sponsorships
  • Accountability on your plan
  • Discount to Triathlon Australia membership
  • Merchandise and training gear at discounted cost

For more info on online coaching email: info@pursuemultisport.com.au

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